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The date of your final payment, not the date you made your deposit, determines the applicable price to attend the congress. Early Birds must pay their outstanding balance by November 30, 2021.  Typical registrants are expected to pay by March 31, 2022; Late registrants are expected to pay by April 30, 2022.

To make your final payments, please follow these steps:

1- For best results, please register and pay from a desktop or laptop computer, use one of either the most updated version of a Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge browser.  Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer is not anymore supported by Microsoft, and therefore very unlikely to be effective to register and pay.

2- Click here (https://mexico2023.northamericanskalcongress.com/login) to connect to the Orlando 2022 NASC Registration Platform and enter your Skål ID (old: nine digits; new: 13 digits) in the pop-up window that will appear. If you do not have your Skål ID, you may contact us by clicking here (https://mexico2023.northamericanskalcongress.com/contact/).

3- Then go into your email inbox to pick up your secure login code (If you do not see it in your Inbox, look into your spam folder) and enter it as requested.

4- Make sure that the information under each Tab is accurate and proceed up to the last Tab. The last Tab is where you can select Full Congress and SeaWorld optional event for you and your companion.

5- Once you are happy with your selection, conclude the transaction by paying the requested amount. If you pay for yourself and your companion with the same credit card, select the Payment Button at the bottom.  If you need to pay with different cards, select the Payment Button associated with each name.

6- Under the Hotel Pre-Post Nights Tab, you may choose up to three additional nights before and/or thre additional night after the congress. We suggest that you arrive at least one day earlier and book the night of May 12, 2022.  Price per additional night is $110 USD, inclusive of parking (A $17/day value), but exclusive of all taxes (12.5%). Note that for pre-post nights, you need to book directly with the host hotel. The booking link is reachable in the Pre-Post Nights Tab.

If you run into any problem or encounter any issue, immediately contact us by clicking here.  (https://mexico2023.northamericanskalcongress.com/reporting-a-problem/). We shall be back to you in no time and will be glad to assist you.

To print these instructions, please click here.