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Orlando as a Destination

Visit Orlando Announces 75 Million Visitors to the Region in 2018

  • Record number of U.S. visitors: 68.55 million (up 4.1 percent)
  • Record number of international visitors: 6.48 million (up 5.4 percent )
  • Record airline arrivals: Orlando International Airport maintained its position as the busiest airport in Florida, with 47.7 million passengers (up 6.9 percent )
  • Record international airline arrivals: international arrivals reached 6.6 million passengers (up 11.64 percent)

“It was another record-breaking year for Orlando with both domestic and international visitation,” said Visit Orlando President and CEO George Aguel. “We saw strong gains from all of our core countries, particularly from Latin America. This success is a testament to the special appeal of our destination that continues to grow and evolve, as well as our strong commitment to strategic marketing initiatives.”