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Attached, please find the invoice covering your participation. If you find any error or issue, contact us by clicking here. Please note that if there is a discrepancy between the amount debited on your card, and the price on the website, the price on the website will prevail.


  • You will need to update your registration under the following circumstances:
    • You want to add a companion
    • You want to select A la carte items for your guest(s)
    • You want to select optional items,for you or your guest(s), that you did not originally select
    • You wish to add additional pre-post nights
    • You want to pay an outstanding balance following new selections
  • To get back to update your registration, you only need to go on the website and click on Login at the top right of the Menu bar. Then enter your nine digits Skål ID or your 13 digits alphanumeric Skål Code, go into your email inbox to retrieve the secure code and enter it where requested. Should you run into any problem, please click here.
  • Congress fee INCLUDES 3-nights hotel stay. Pre or Post congress hotel nights can be added to your online registration at an additional fee of $140 per night (incl all taxes and levies).
  • A la carte events for a spouse or companion as well as “optional tours” can be added at a later time, even after your final payment has been processed. (NOTE: You cannot cancel or delete any transactions. These can only be processed upon request to the Congress Coordinator (click here) and are subject to the posted cancellation clauses on the congress website.)
  • Airport transport TO/FROM the hotel is not included in your Congress fees. Expect the cost of a taxi for two to be around $60, plus tip. More info.
  • The dress code for the congress is business casual, except for the closing reception & banquet on Saturday, May 6.

La Ciudad de Mexico club members and Host Committee looks forward to welcoming you at this year’s congress.

Should you require any further information, please click here to contact us. To submit a problem, click here.

The Mexico 2023 NASC Organizing Committee